Helllllooooo summer and hello to all you lovely lot! I’m so sorry this is the first time I’ve blogged in a while *shameful face* – It’s been a RIDICULOUSLY busy few months here at Soirée de Luxe HQ in preparation for wedding season. Well I’ve just about managed to peel myself away from wedding planning long enough to tell you about this cheap and cheerful wedding movie out next week called Walking On Sunshine.(bold)

Sensational Eighties hits are to be given new life in the romantic musical that follows a love triangle in a beautiful coastal village, set in present day Italy. Look out for Katy Brand, Greg Wise and even Leona Lewis in her movie debut. For those of you that haven’t seen this yet, here’s a sneak peek (admit it, you cant help but sing along to the tuuuuunes)…

Walking On Sunshine hits cinemas on Friday 27th June and the soundtrack is released on Monday 23rd June

I say grab the girls (I doubt the BF/fiancé/hubby will be too thrilled about this one), go with an open mind and fairly adequate expectations and I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed. If nothing else it will be a great way to relive the best of the Eighties with your besties. After all, girls just wanna have fun! 😉

With love & best wishes,

Jessica xx