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Once you have secured the date for your wedding, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to share the good news with all of your friends and family. Save-the-date cards have evolved into an array of unique ways to let everyone know to mark the calendar for your big day. Here are our “what?”, “when?” and “why?” of save-the-date cards…

WHAT should be included?

The great thing about save-the-date cards is they can be whatever you want them to be, just as long as you include the date (obviously)! 😉 Anything from a simple magnet that gives your names and the date, to a small booklet that gives a play-by-play description of your event. But most couples try to have fun with their save-the-date cards, complementing the theme of the wedding. Since the sky’s the limit here, be creative! Planning a seaside ceremony? Send a message in a bottle, complete with a cork on the end and a note inside. Even a formal celebration can have a creative save-the-date card – have labels created with all the necessary information on the front of a bottle of champagne. Now that’s a save-the-date that makes a statement!

WHEN should I send them?

If your wedding day falls on or around any holidays, or if you are planning a destination wedding, you shouldn’t waste any time sending them out (as long as it’s not years before your big day, you can’t really go wrong)! But we always recommend at least six months. In these situations, your guests will be likely to think of your event as a holiday and will appreciate having the time and information to plan accordingly.

WHY should I send them? Are they really necessary?

While save the dates cards are not necessary in all situations, they are a wonderful way to generate excitement and, most importantly, allow your loved ones plenty of time to make arrangements to share your special day. Especially important for friends and family who will be travelling to your wedding location. Save-the-dates encourage travellers to take advantage of travel deals, book flights and make any other necessary plans.

Want some inspiration? Here are some of our favourite examples…

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