Getting married? Looking for the perfect transport for your special day? Brides and grooms usually have very different opinions on what their ideal wedding cars are.

Don’t worry though – it doesn’t have to result in an argument. You can keep everyone happy and get separate ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ wedding car and limo hire for the occasion.

Manchester limo hire firm Limo-Scene & Wedding Cars is here to help with some advice on which to pick.

For him…


Aston Martin

Want a classy, grandiose wedding car? Then you might think about getting an Aston Martin for your wedding.

This polished silver sports car is the perfect wedding gift for the man of your dreams.

Mercedes S500

Wow – this, top-of-the-range metallic silver Mercedes S500 with black leather interior and tinted windows is sure to turn heads.

This stylish model will make your groom feel like a celebrity on the way to your wedding.

Lincoln Town Car Limo

This staple in the limo hire world is famous for its roomy interior, safety rating and powerful engine as well as its stylish appearance and well insulated cabin.

This impressive black 8 seater limo is scream style and sophistication.

Black or Silver Hummerzine

Want your groom and his friends to get in a great mood before the wedding? Hire a hummer limo.

These party-style limos are sure to get him in a great mood, ready for the ceremony.

For her…

Beauford convertible

This beautiful wedding car and an excellent choice for a bride who wants something extra special on her wedding day.

These classic cars have cream leather interiors and are truly made for those who want to travel in style.

Regal Landaulette Wedding Car

This beautiful car will make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

Also called the Imperial Wedding Car, these 8 passenger cars have landaulette roofs and gorgeous heart shaped back windows.

The roof retracts so your guests can see when you arrive

Chrysler Limo

Seating up to eight people, this limo simply oozes style and is perfect for smaller parties.

It’s also known as the Baby Bentley because it has Bentley shaped fronts and grills.

Pink Hummer

Hummers don’t have to be just for the guys. If you really want a turn heads, you can feel like a princess with this deluxe 16 Seater Pink Hummer.

It even includes DVD screen and top-of-the-range stereo system for the journey there.

So there we are, some amazing ideas to ensure the bride and groom don’t just arrive on time, but in style! Thanks so much to Limo Scene for providing us with this amazing inspiration that hopefully helps make picking the perfect wedding car, a smooth ride 🙂