Confetti has always been an exciting way to wave off the ceremony and kick off the evening celebrations. In ancient times, it was even believed to grant fertility to the duo and keep away evil spirits. But now it is often considered as old-fashioned and passé, and with a lot of churches and venues no longer allowing paper confetti (it can make a great deal of mess), people have been forced to come up with alternatives to welcome the new marriage.

Luckily, there are some fantastic ways to involve your guests in making your grand exit as memorable as possible and we have the best ones right here, just for you! 😀

bubbles weddingBlowing bubbles

Can you imagine anything more fun than this? They can come in a huge range of shapes and colours including champagne glasses and even wedding cakes. We love the idea of personalising the bottles too! Including bubbles in your wedding pictures can really make for some stunning photographs. Just be careful if you opt for this idea though, as the liquid from the bubbles can stain delicates.

balloons weddingReleasing balloons

These could be a beautiful burst of colour released into the sky, after your vows have been taken and could even carry little messages on them. Don’t forget to fill them all with helium though, otherwise they might not get very far! 😉

paper planes weddingPaper planes

Paper confetti…but not as you know it! Paper planes are guaranteed to humour guests of all ages. Of course they are super easy to make, so wont take long. Keep them in a basket, for each of your guests to take one, or even display them in an old suitcase, if you want to keep the travel theme going.

petals weddingFlower petals

Flower petals can add elegance and romance to any wedding and are a great choice for the “green” bride, as they are environmentally friendly – just as long as they are not dyed! Flower petals do not need to be dyed though, as nature offers a huge range of colours, so chances are that you will find that pretty flower to match your wedding colour scheme perfectly.

destination beach weddingShredded coconut

Shredded coconut lends a hint of the tropics, so is ideal for beach weddings. Another environmentally friendly confetti idea, shredded coconut will not cause damage to wildlife or humans. And our favourite part – that delicious coconut smell helps sustain that beach-party mood throughout the night. And as you may already know, at Soirée de Luxe, we’re all about exhilarating all FIVE of the senses!! 🙂