Confused? Well my bridal beauties, you need not to be because we really believe we’ve discovered the best and easiest possible way to achieve that ever so desirable ‘blushing bride’ glow on your wedding day before any makeup is even applied…

It’s no secret that every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day and many will go to great lengths to achieve that – and we can’t blame them. After all, your wedding day is arguably the single most photographed day of your entire life. So the beauty regime is likely to entail a long list of chores and preparation to get you ‘camera ready’. There’s potentially a lot to think about, regular facials to ensure that your skin is as clear as can be, the best possible creams to get that perfect tone, but what about your makeup? A lot of brides I work with actually want to do their own makeup on their wedding day as they feel confident in the way they apply it after many years of practise – Kate Middleton was no exception! Unfortunately many brides fear they won’t be able to control their probable shaky hands and will struggle to get those perfectly defined lips and brows etc.

So how about you leave the hard work of ‘colouring inside the lines’ to the professionals at Tracie Giles? I had heard very good reports on the beauty grapevine about Tracie Giles and her team. Not only do they specialise in semi-permanent makeup such as brows, eyeliner and lip treatments, but also the highly skilled and challenging area of post-cancer treatments such as nipple reconstruction and scar camouflage for women who have undergone mastectomies.

The gorgeous salon on Beauchamp Place

I have always been a bit nervous about the idea of semi-permanent makeup, well the thought of needles in my face doesn’t exactly put me at ease and I’ve also heard (and seen) so many horror stories! :/ But the idea of not having to colour in my brows every time I leave the house made me think that I should stop being a wuss and test it out for myself and I am honestly SO glad that I did!

I had the pleasure of visiting Tracie recently in her very glamorous newly renovated salon which is so pretty, it’s literally fit for a princess. After discussing with the lovely Tracie about what would work best for me, I decided to go for the 3D hair-by-hair brow treatment as this was going to achieve the most natural look. After three sessions (and admittedly a teeny bit of pain) I am OBSESSED with how great my brows look! Not only has it saved me valuable time getting ready on a morning, but the new brow shape which Tracie bespoke designed to best suit my face has taken years off me. Ladies, I am telling you to please consider this treatment before your wedding day, you won’t regret it!!!

My brows, post hair-by-hair brow treatment

If anyone wishes to find out more about what Tracie and her amazing team can do for you, please contact them on 02075841005 or call in at their gorgeous salon on 24 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge. While you’re there, the staff will also be happy to recommend to you the most premium makeup on the market, from the likes of Charles Fox – great for the big day! I have every confidence that when your big day arrives, Tracie will have you looking the fairest of them all. 😉

With love & best wishes,

Jessica xx