There are so many choices out there, for how to seat guests on your wedding day. Some brides are lost as to what escort cards are, or at least a little confused about the difference between them and place cards. Aren’t they both there to help your guests find their seats? Yes! But they are, in fact, two completely different things. Simply put, escort cards guide your guests to their designated table, while place cards help guests find their assigned seat or should we say “place”?!! 😉 But then there are seating charts too…

Escort cards

We love escort cards, not only are they practical but are a great way to add that all important attention-to-detail to your wedding day and showcase your personal style. Also, depending on how creative you get, they can be a real treat for your guests. Be sure to display the names in alphabetical order so that the cards are easy for your guests to find!

A popular choice with our clients, is to have a pretty tree and hang escort cards from the branches. For something really unique, try having a water fountain feature, floating the cards on saucers.

Place cards

Place cards, very much like escort cards, can be very simple and formal or really fun and creative. However, without escort cards or a seating chart to guide your guests, they could have a hard time finding their seat, wandering around aimlessly til’ they’ve found their spot!

For a formal approach, try folded tent cards with embossed calligraphy, or for something a bit more show-stopping, accessorise the place cards with statement jewellery pieces or even make them edible!

Seating charts

For a simpler option, you can forego both escort cards and place cards in lieu of a seating chart. This is a great choice for the less crafty bride or for weddings with lower budgets, as it’s only one piece, not 100+. These can still be super creative though. If you’re going down the DIY route, have someone with extra neat handwriting help out!

We have seen some great seating charts over the years, we’re a big fan of shabby chic windowpanes, stylish chalkboards, and fabulously-framed mirrors, all with elegant handwriting – the options are endless!

Still undecided? We personally find escort cards and place cards form one rockin’ team, keeping your wedding reception flowing smoothly and your stress at an all-time low!