Wedding Wednesday

Bachelor party basics

Ok, so we know bachelor parties (more commonly known in the UK as stag do’s) have gotten a bad rap. The bachelor party began as a gentlemen’s party – a civilised evening of drawing-room drinking, smoking and toasting to the bride’s health. But boy, have things changed! Most of today’s bachelor parties have ditched the civilised bit in favour […]


Oh, we know we’re late to this party but honestly, the reason we couldn’t put this up sooner is because we were still weeping into a whole massive heap of tissues. :’)

Bless Tom Fletcher, from McFly, who knew nerves and anxiety would affect his speech-making on his wedding day and so decided to sing it instead. Earlier this week, […]


From sweet veils to romantic gowns and vintage décor’s, brides all over the globe have fallen for lace…

Every Winter and Spring, metres of beautiful lace make an appearance on the catwalks of the world.

It has been popular for over a hundred years (Princess Grace of Monaco’s wedding gown is still considered as one of the most iconic of all […]