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Soirée de Luxe’s top 14 for ’14

Happy New Year to all our gorgeous readers! So the Christmas period is over, we’ve all over-indulged on pies, pints and whatever sweets and chocolates have been bestowed upon us and it’s time to get well and truly back to reality. :/

By the way, apologies for my vacant attendance over the past couple of weeks on here. After a […]

A hole lot of fun!

Today we’re taking a few minutes to talk about one of the most often overlooked elements of wedding day fashion, the humble buttonhole, or boutonnière as our friends across the pond would say.

The traditionally floral addition to a grooms attire is usually used to add an element of consistency to the day, tying in with the wedding flowers. After […]

Doggy style!

It’s no secret that most of us think of our dogs as beloved family members, so it would be hard not to invite them to your wedding day. Plus, is there anything in the world more adorable than a dog in a tux? Dogs are becoming more and more popular at weddings. Whether they’re the ring bearer, guest of […]

A slice of inspiration

The cake cutting ceremony is a high point of your wedding reception, along with the speeches and the first dance. Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to the newlyweds and all of their guests. Modern wedding cakes now stand as a centrepiece, so it needs to make a statement. We explored the land of cakesville and […]

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Confetti has always been an exciting way to wave off the ceremony and kick off the evening celebrations. In ancient times, it was even believed to grant fertility to the duo and keep away evil spirits. But now it is often considered as old-fashioned and passé, and with a lot of churches and venues no longer allowing paper confetti […]

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