…of course! If you think outdoors means a garden party with a BBQ buffet and party hats, we can assure you that your big day can be outside and still be elegant and formal.

Although the site plays a big role in determining how formal your affair will be, the time of day, your guests’ attire and the food presentation will also up the elegance factor.

Here are a few suggestions for outdoor celebrations that have formal written all over them: Country-club terraces, hotel courtyards and botanical gardens can provide beautiful backdrops for a wedding celebration. Also, nothing says formal like a vineyard wedding with amazing food and great wine under a blanket of stars. And don’t discount a seaside celebration, even if you decide to forego the beach party. A park by a river or a dinner cruise coupled with a jazz band soulfully playing in the background will create a reception overflowing with ambiance and style.

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