I am sure you will all agree, my dear friends Camilla Forrest & Amy Olding are one of the most beautiful couples you could ever imagine. No – this is not a styled shoot, this was a real wedding which took place on Saturday 1st June, this year. The stunning couple tied the knot at The Old Marylebone Town Hall and followed with a stylish reception at The Savoy. I am over the moon that Camilla & Amy have agreed to let me share their gorgeous wedding pictures and wonderful love story with you all… Also, ENORMOUS thanks to you lovely ladies for taking time to take part in this interview while you’re away on your honeymoon!







Camilla, tell me about when you first met Amy 🙂

It all seems like a dream that happened without either one of us realising it! I knew of Amy through a mutual friend and had never spoken to her or met her face to face. We had both been in insignificant relationships and were recently single and not looking for one. I remember showing my sister her photo and saying “she is my ideal girl” – months later we were introduced and we hit it off straight away.

Our first date couldn’t have gone any worse! I was arrested for drink driving whilst we were sitting in my stationary car waiting for a taxi to arrive. Amy never forgets the second the police officer knocked on the window and I insisted on her giving me a chewing gum to cheat the breathalyser test before I opened the door! Needless to say it didn’t work and I spent the night in a police cell! I thought that I would certainly never hear from her again, which I was gutted about as she was quite literally the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and she had the personality and humour to match. Luckily it hadn’t put her off and she had been trying to contact me all night. My best friend said to me that morning, “I bet this will be one of those stories you tell together in years to come and it will be hilarious” – she was right. We organised another date which was perfect and the rest is history!









How long have you been planning to get married?

We got engaged on our anniversary, 13th February 2011. We had decided to get married two and a half years later, June 1st 2013.

Tell me about the proposal…

I knew from the moment I met Amy that I was going to marry her. I had never had any desire or want to marry anyone nor had envisaged myself being somebody’s bride. That all changed and I couldn’t stop thinking about the day we would be officially engaged then married. We had spoken about it so I knew we were on the same page. I had it planned in my head and wanted desperately to create a moment Amy would never forget.

We are quite a private couple and I wanted the proposal to be intimate, romantic and very personal. We go away every year on our anniversary, so me booking a city trip was nothing out of the ordinary. Amy thought we were booked in to a standard hotel in Barcelona, when we arrived at the airport I told the driver to take us to our actual hotel which was really special. Amy was surprised, confused and very happy! We love travelling together and love staying in nice hotels so I knew it was going to make her smile. We spent a couple of days exploring the city and eating in some nice restaurants. On the night, I had prearranged for the hotel staff to arrange a display of candles and rose petals which covered the entire room, including the jacuzzi on the verandah. I organised for us to spend an evening having massages and treatments in the spa before I took her to the room where we watched the sunset and drank champagne together from the jacuzzi. That would be where I asked her and where she said “yes”! We had the most special evening of my life… Before our wedding day of course! 🙂






How did you decide on your venues?

We had debated on having our civil partnership abroad and having a very small amount of guests but the legalities became a problem, such as that you cannot marry in a country where even same sex relationships are illegal, let alone marriage or civil partnerships. Our main objective was to have a select few guests who love us and do not judge. We wanted to avoid having guests who would attend to tick “lesbian wedding” off of their list! It sounds silly but we were quite particular on who we wanted to share our day with us. We decided against a big, formal, impersonal celebration, and chose to have a small and intimate ceremony & reception, with a limit of 40 guests of whom we know well and see regularly as a couple. We were both born in London and love the city so it seemed more special for us to hold it in the centre of London. The Old Marylebone Town Hall is beautiful, so was a great choice for our ceremony and we went on one of our first dates to The Savoy, so this seemed the perfect venue for us to hold our reception.









Please describe your wedding style.

The style wasn’t particularly important as we felt that The Savoy has its own unique style which we adore and would need no amending. Simply, the dresses were white and the flowers were white. The Savoy had prearranged our table settings and our flowers seemed to match nicely without much deliberation.





Where are you going for your honeymoon? What romantic elements do you have planned? Any exciting excursions?

We didn’t actually decide on our honeymoon location or destination until the day we left for the airport – a day after we got married! We had been in contact with several exclusive hotels in different countries but couldn’t decide. We had originally decided on Tahiti but the travel time/distance was not appealing to us. Our only criteria was water bungalow or private pool and secluded, romantic luxury. We settled upon the famous “Six Senses” in Koh Samui, Thailand and booked the best possible suite. We packed in 30 minutes and left for the airport with 2 hours to spare and only just made the flight! We were upgraded to first class and started the honeymoon as we meant to go on!

We have a honeymoon package at our resort which includes a specific few nice touches to enhance our stay. We have our own butler who delivers a “champagne and fruit wake up” as soon as we press a button when we’re ready every morning. We also have a few “in villa” private barbecues. We love scuba diving and we kissed inside an old ship wreck air bubble off of the coast of Thailand which was pretty special! Of course we have/will watch a few sunsets on private boats or from the privacy of our room. It isn’t a usual holiday so we have decided to spend a lot extra on things we can normally only dream of.






What are your plans for your future married life together?

Difficult question!! – As you can see from above we’re not the most organised, structured couple. We like doing things on the spur of the moment and enjoy spontaneity. I guess our main plan for our future is to be happy, we never want to settle! We generally move when we’re not content with something. We support each other and I think that’s the main thing. If Amy wanted to leave her job tomorrow for example or visa versa, we would work it out. I think the thing we have always agreed on is not to just ‘put up with’ anything. My sister and a few friends have recently moved to Australia, I have dual nationality and we have always said if we get sick of England we will start a life in a new country together. We do love material things but if we’re not happy none of it matters. So that’s our plan – to stay happy!! 🙂

Do you have any comments or views you wish to share with us on same-sex marriage in the UK?

This is a subject I think I’ll happily leave to the people who are most passionate about it. I know I should fight for rights, but if I’m honest the rights will come on their own in time. The world is not afraid to be gay anymore and the people who strangely oppose same sex marriage or even relationships in my opinion will soon die out with the people who didn’t accept different races having a seat on the bus. Let the people who disagree work themselves up in to an angry state and let us be happy with whatever law the government has given us right now. It will soon change and that will be a good step forward. As soon as we are able, we will be turning our civil partnership into a marriage, but for now we’ll let the children argue it out and enjoy what we have.

















Photographer: Katherine Barratt | www.ktbphotography.co.uk
Ceremony Venue: The Old Marylebone Town Hall | www.westminster.gov.uk
Reception Venue: The Savoy | www.fairmont.com/savoy-london

Wow – what a truly beautiful and heartwarming story! This couple have been on quite a journey together. What a first date!!! Doesn’t their intimate Barcelona proposal sound just magical? I’m certain they’re having the time of their lives right now on their honeymoon, “champagne and fruit wake up” in their own little paradise – it surely doesn’t get any better!!! 😉

I love Camilla & Amy’s values – they of course enjoy the finer things in life, but ultimately the only thing that really matters to them is each other’s happiness.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to wish Camilla & Amy my biggest congratulations! After spending time with the two beauties, I can safely say that they are one of the most in-love couples you could ever wish to meet and a perfect example of why same-sex couples should have equal rights when it comes to both love and marriage.

May you live happily ever after… :’) *tears of joy*

Love to you both,

Jessica xxxx