You have been preparing for your wedding day for months, maybe even years and now it’s finally here – eeek!!!

Getting ready for your wedding can be the best part of the day, shy of actually walking down the aisle. You’re surrounded by your besties and getting dolled up. So turn the bridal suite into a little party! Build a mimosa bar, blast some fun tunes and make everyone wear their personalised, girly robes. The best part, it’s one of the few times in your life that you won’t have to clean up after yourself.

Have breakfast

Even though you may feel nervous now, make sure you have breakfast in the morning, with your best friend, or your family, BEFORE any make-up is applied or the hair stylist starts playing with your hair. And make sure it’s a proper breakfast – not just a bite of toast! Make sure you have delegated breakfast-making-duties to someone who can make a decent cup of tea or coffee.

Have breakfast number two

This is the breakfast you should have BEFORE you have your make-up finalised, and BEFORE you put your dress on. Why have a second breakfast? If your ceremony is at 2pm, chances are your champagne reception will be around 3pm. And guess who is having all the nibbles and canapes? Your guests! You will be too busy receiving congratulations and hugs and kisses and talking to everyone. Trust us, by the time your wedding breakfast is served, you would be more than just peckish without breakfasts one and two.

Have the hair stylist and make-up artist come to you

Please please please, for your own sanity, have them to come to your home or hotel room where you’re getting ready. If you have to organise travel to and from the hairdressers and beauty parlour, this may add quite a bit of stress to your wedding morning. If nothing else, it will add time to your own to-do list on the morning. If you can help it, don’t leave the house or hotel room until you are about to leave for the ceremony. The most relaxed brides are the ones that don’t take off their pyjamas until they put their dress on! 😉

Have a glass of champagne – just one or two MAX!

Make it pink champagne! There will be plenty of regular champagne at the reception, but the pink bubbly will make your morning with your ladies all the more girly. It’s wonderful stuff, but only have it after you have eaten breakfasts one and two. Be sure to have your fave ‘girl power’ tunes blasting in the background (love songs will just make you all emotional).

Have a mimosa bar

Let everyone create their own drink with a mimosa bar. In addition to orange juice, include grapefruit juice, cranberry juice and lots of fresh berries. This will give everyone the boost they need to be on top form for the day! For a personal touch, have monogrammed glasses made for everyone who will be helping you get ready. They make a great and practical keepsake. And no one will lose their drink.

Have personalised robes or embroidered shirts made

Make them cute and in keeping with your theme! It’s personal touches like these that everyone will be talking about months after the wedding. You will all need them anyway for when you’re getting your hair and make-up done and they look great for group photographs.

Make a little bit of time for photographs

Your photographer will be busy taking shots while you’re getting ready, capturing all the excitement, but it’s always nice to have a few group photographs with your dearest family and friends just before you leave. Also, professional photography is great, but capturing the candid, silly moments before the ceremony is priceless, so get a couple of extra cams for the bridesmaids to tote around all day.

Be extra careful getting dressed and get plenty of help

Make sure not to rush this part, put more than enough time aside and have everyone be on standby to help! First things first – go to the toilet one last time before putting your dress on. It can be stressful getting your dress on at the best of times – you pull that tight dress over your head and mess up your hair and smudge your make-up, which you’ve just spent ages making look perfect. Grrrr! Luckily most bridal gowns are made for you to step into and simply pull up. During your final fitting (take the person with you who will be with you on the morning of your wedding), speak with your wedding dress supplier and have them show you how to fasten the dress just perfectly so that it looks stunning! By the way, anyone helping you get dressed should be wearing clean, white gloves! If you have an underskirt, put this on after you have stepped into the dress. Your shoes go on last, your mum or bridesmaid can help you with this!

Do one final check before entering the ceremony room

Delegate the duties of the last dress check to one of your bridesmaids. Is the veil sitting ok? Is the train laid out properly? Is your bridal bouquet all prepared? Check! Check! Check! 🙂

Now take a deep breath and walk down the aisle…relax and enjoy the best day of your life…