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Flawless makeup before you even wake up!

Confused? Well my bridal beauties, you need not to be because we really believe we’ve discovered the best and easiest possible way to achieve that ever so desirable ‘blushing bride’ glow on your wedding day before any makeup is even applied… […]

Will you be ‘walking on sunshine’ this summer?

Helllllooooo summer and hello to all you lovely lot! I’m so sorry this is the first time I’ve blogged in a while *shameful face* – It’s been a RIDICULOUSLY busy few months here at Soirée de Luxe HQ in preparation for wedding season. Well I’ve just about managed to peel myself away from wedding planning long enough to tell […]

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Galia Lahav comes to London

Your Wednesday is about to get a whole lot sexier, as I present you with some of the slinkiest and most sensual designs of bridal couture fashion…

So you may remember several months back, we wrote about Soirée de Luxe’s love for Israeli bridal gown designer Inbal Dror. Well there’s a new kid in town and this month Inbal Dror’s […]

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Soirée de Luxe: Live from the red carpet

Hello to all of you today on this Monday morning in March (can you believe it’s March ALREADY?!!!) To be honest I’m a little sleep deprived today as I was up late doing my Hollywood-homework for you, just to make sure you got all the red carpet fashion as fresh as can be! Well I say homework, but it’s […]

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Make a meal of it this Valentine’s Day

Okay so the weather is still miserable, the tube strike is about to return once again (pffffft!) and all this would normally be getting us down but, oh no – this week we have Valentine’s Day to look forward to!!!! 😀

Many of you will have booked top notch restaurants (and will most likely be paying over the odds for […]

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Fit for a princess…

I was so happy when I was asked to create “a baby shower to remember” for the lovely Melanie. The brief was simple; to create a very lavish and girly shower to celebrate Mel’s little baby girl coming into the world. It didn’t take me very long to come up with the idea of a Disney Princess theme, particularly […]

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Soirée de Luxe hearts Wedding Chicks

This is something we’ve had to keep “sssshhh!” for a long time. And now the time has come to share with you all this beautiful countryside chic engagement shoot that took place back in the late summer last year. We were SO thrilled that one of America’s top wedding blogs Wedding Chicks wanted to feature our shoot, we thought […]

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“And the nominees for Best Dressed are…”

Frock o’clock is here, my fashionistas. The always spectacular Golden Globes took place on Sunday, where we witnessed the winners (and losers) for one of the most prestigious awards in the film industry. Well now it’s time to crown our winners. […]

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Soirée de Luxe’s top 14 for ’14

Happy New Year to all our gorgeous readers! So the Christmas period is over, we’ve all over-indulged on pies, pints and whatever sweets and chocolates have been bestowed upon us and it’s time to get well and truly back to reality. :/

By the way, apologies for my vacant attendance over the past couple of weeks on here. After a […]

A hole lot of fun!

Today we’re taking a few minutes to talk about one of the most often overlooked elements of wedding day fashion, the humble buttonhole, or boutonnière as our friends across the pond would say.

The traditionally floral addition to a grooms attire is usually used to add an element of consistency to the day, tying in with the wedding flowers. After […]