The cake cutting ceremony is a high point of your wedding reception, along with the speeches and the first dance. Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to the newlyweds and all of their guests. Modern wedding cakes now stand as a centrepiece, so it needs to make a statement. We explored the land of cakesville and have rounded up some of the tastiest trends – so feast your eyes on these! 😛

Hand Painted
We love how intricate, unique and artsy wedding cakes are getting! Including the rise of hand painted cakes. These sweet confections are true works of art and almost look too good to eat (almost)! Hand painted cakes are a great way to reflect your theme, the season (spring, autumn etc), or can even be made to resemble your invitations and stationery. Anything is possible with this type of decorating technique.

Black & White
Another popular cake trend at the moment seems to be the striking contrast of using black & white. Whether it’s a vintage style theme where lace and pearls are used, or a more modern clean edge look, black & white is definitely going to make a statement at your wedding. You can even add a splash of colour, such as a single red rose. Bright pink and vivid yellow work well too! This may not be to everyone’s tastes, but put together with a simple and elegant black & white design, can really turn a nice cake into a nice, “look at me” cake!

Lace wedding cakes acquire more and more popularity nowadays. If you’re looking for a style that’s delicate, timeless, and elegant, then look no further, as lace wedding cakes can be designed for both the traditional or modern bride. Decorate a white cake with lace in neutral hues, to add the delicate and feminine feel to it. Or for a modern feel, simply opt for a cake in bold hues, like a pink cake with grey lace. Also consider incorporating black in your wedding cake design, as black lace will add a contemporary and chic feel.

If you plan to wear a vintage-inspired wedding gown on your wedding, why not have a vintage cake to match? Anything considered to be an heirloom look is popular right now, especially designs that mimic treasured wedding dresses worn by grandmothers. Vintage inspired cakes can feature flowers, glittering crystal jewels and borders that look like pretty strings of pearls. Make sure to decorate your table with a vintage-looking tablecloth, backdrop and candles.

In our opinion, the wedding cake is one of the focal points of a wedding, after the bride and her dress, oh and the groom of course! For this reason, your cake needs to be personal and reflect what’s important to you. We have talked about wedding cake themes that are currently ’on trend’, but what’s more important is how the cake makes you feel and that it evokes your personalities. It needs to display your tastes in life, whether it be simple and elegant, or bold and bright, be sure that it’s ‘you’ on the cake stand and not a trend that you felt compelled to follow.